Cebrin Goodman Center

Established in 2005, the Cebrin Goodman Center is committed to the goal of helping young people fulfill their potential as happy, healthy contributing members of society. The often tragic consequences of drug use, abuse, and addiction are a powerful threat to the realization of that goal.

Lillian and Larry Goodman created The Cebrin Goodman Center in memory of their granddaughter Cebrin who lost her battle with drug addiction. The Goodman family wants to spare other families the pain of losing a loved one by educating teens, parents, and communities about substance abuse and other challenges facing teens today.

Effective prevention efforts are crucial if we hope to shield future generations from the false promises of the drug experience and the unfortunate paths far too many have chosen. The Cebrin Goodman Center supports ongoing partnerships with organizations whose expertise, vision, and passion uniquely position them to help young people develop the strengths to resist the formidable lure of drugs.

As a retired school social worker and student assistance program coordinator, Executive Director Michael Elkins favors a hands-on approach with grantees of The Cebrin Goodman Center. Offering guidance, resources, and practical knowledge, Mr. Elkins assists grantees in creating, implementing, or maintaining programs that will create lasting effects within the community.

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